8. Care for the Park

Clean, plant, paint, plan public programs, volunteer, celebrate your park, and inform others about how to get involved. Start a Friends of the Park group, or use the capital project to expand and promote your existing group.


Community involvement makes parks thrive. You worked to ensure that your voice and the voices of your neighbors and fellow park users were heard during the design process, now plan how you will stay actively involved.


Caring for the park is ongoing. Parks relies on community stewards to help take care of and program the parks it builds, and the most important time to offer community-led programming is after the park opens. Programming the new space will bring it to life and fill it with positive activity.


If you’re already part of a Friends group devoted to caring for your park, use this opportunity to grow your membership. If there’s not a group in your park, think about forming a Friends organization. Ask PFP for help doing outreach, planning meetings and events, and attracting new members.

If several existing park and community organizations came together around the capital project, think about solidifying this collaboration into an alliance or coalition to continue to advocate for your park.


Learn more about caring for your park at Partnerships for Parks.

Learn how to form a Friends of the Park Group.

Useful Tools

Walking Tour

Teach people about the park through an interactive, guided experience.

Scavenger Hunt

Show kids the park’s hidden treasures to encourage park appreciation and feedback.

Design Hoops

Use a basketball-style game to discover what kids and teens want to change in the park.

Success Stories