4. Promote and Attend the Scope Meeting

Go to the scope meeting, and invite your neighbors and fellow park users to go, too. The meeting is hosted either in the park, or at a nearby community facility, by your Parks borough office. Partnerships for Parks can inform you of the time.


The NYC Parks Scope Meeting is the official opportunity for the community to share ideas about how the park should be improved.  If you’ve gathered input from your community, the scope meeting is the most important time to share that input with NYC Parks designers.


The scope meeting is usually held soon after the capital project is funded.  Find out about the scope meeting date from your Partnerships for Parks Outreach Coordinator or your Community Board.


The scope meeting is organized by your NYC Parks borough’s capital liaison and held either in the park, or at a nearby community facility. Tell park users, volunteers, residents, business owners, community organizations, and schools about the scope meeting and encourage them to attend, like the Manhattan Community Board 7 Inclusive Playground Task Force did for their community with this flyer:


Credit: Catherine DeLazzero, Inclusive Playground Task Force; and the Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access.


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Useful Tools

Voting Boards

Rank people’s top priorities for the park’s redesign.


Learn what people want for the park through brief, one-on-one interviews.

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