6. Stay Involved During Construction

While your park is closed for construction, visit other neighborhood parks and learn about how stewards care for them.


People become disconnected when the park is closed. Help inform your neighbors about plans for the new park.


Construction can take anywhere from 9 months to 3 years depending on the scale of the project.


Rally excitement for the new park by sharing how community input influenced the design and what the park will be like. Talk to park users, distribute fliers, or hang signs or artwork (with approval from Parks).

Expand your park use and stewardship to other parks, or other parts of your park if only a section is closed:

  • Make and distribute a map of neighborhood park resources.
  • If a playground is closed, identify other nearby playgrounds for families to visit.
  • Attend meetings and events held by active groups in other parks.  Build relationships that can lead to collaboration once your park reopens.


View sample construction signs from Dred Scott Bird Sanctuary.

If your park is closed for construction, and you want to get involved in other parks in your neighborhood, contact your PFP Outreach Coordinator.

Useful Tools

Voting Boards

Rank people’s top priorities for the park’s redesign.

Success Stories