5. Weigh In on Design Approval

Go to a Community Board meeting to review the design for your park. Click here to find your Community Board.


The Community Board meeting is your best opportunity to examine and comment on plans for the park.


Once the preliminary design is complete, the designer presents it to the Community Board for approval. Park plans also go through approvals by the Parks Commissioner and the Public Design Commission or the Landmarks Preservation Commission. This design and review process can take a year or more.


Community Board meetings are public, and interested citizens are encouraged to attend and give input.

By the time the approvals process begins, basic design decisions have been made already, consistent with the funding available for the project. These meetings are the time to critique existing plans, not suggest entirely new ideas.


Learn about Park’s Capital Project Division and the Public Design Commission.

Explore the Glossary to see the many people involved in a capital project.

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