Design Hoops

Design Hoops are decorated tubes, cans, or baskets, placed strategically around the park.

On each hoop are words and images representing park issues such as safety, cleanliness, or green space.

Kids and teens mark an X - and write their thoughts - on the hoop that represents the issue they care most about, then toss a ball in the hoop to win a prize.

Steps Involved





A how-to sheet to create your own!

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More Reasons We Like This Tool

Directly Engages Youth

  • Reminds young people that the capital process directly affects them and that their voice counts when it comes to design.

Encourages Long-Term Youth Involvement

  • Gets young people’s input early in the process, so they stay interested in seeing the capital project through to completion.

Bright and Colorful

  • Easy for kids and teens to notice when walking by, so they’re more likely to stop and participate.


  • Although hoops take time to create, once completed they can be used many times - between funding and the scope meeting, at the park’s opening, and at future special events held in the park to remind kids of their input and show the public how they contributed.


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