Listening Session

Share ideas with and ask questions of Parks concerning the capital project.

Get in-depth information about where the project is headed, then brainstorm the best ways to realize community goals. Bring together different groups, sometimes with competing interests and needs, so that all points of view are heard.

Listening Sessions can be hosted by Parks or your group. Both offer the opportunity to let you share your visioning work with the larger community.

Steps Involved





A how-to sheet to create your own!

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More Reasons We Like This Tool


  • Gathers community members with differing viewpoints in one room to exchange ideas.
  • The structured environment and guided activities produces productive results leading to actionable steps for designers.

Encourages Broad Community Involvement

  • Broad pre-session outreach ensures that the loudest voices are not the only ones heard.
  • Introduces your group to new people who could become members and supporters.
  • Lets elected officials see that funding is worthwhile due to strong turnout.

Gives Voice to Special Interests

  • Particularly useful for focused issues (e.g., dog run, skate park) so you can provide the designer with more specific information about what those users want.


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