Scavenger Hunt

Kids play detective to identify park elements they like and problem areas, hangout spots, or features they feel are missing.

In a newly opened park, a Scavenger Hunt educates kids about a park’s history, natural features, and man-made elements.

Scavenger Hunt sheets are fun to make and offer a playful way for kids to provide feedback or creatively explore the park.

Steps Involved





A how-to sheet to create your own!

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More Reasons We Like This Tool


  • Adaptable to many goals, from introducing kids to a new park to collecting their ideas about the space's current uses and features.

Works with a Larger Park Event

  • Lets kids explore with minimal supervision, making it a nice addition to a full day of programming.

Provides Real-World Feedback

  • Gathers information about the park’s immediate needs, rather than asking kids to imagine a far-off future.

Great for Non-Traditional Learners

  • Provides a visual, hands-on experience for kids who have difficulty with reading- and writing-based visioning activities.

Connects with Local Schools

  • Offers a fun way to teach local students about nature, the environment, and urban planning.


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