Voting Boards

3 Generations voting at Kossuth

Kossuth Playground Community Visioning Event, Friends of Mosholu Parkland.  Photo by Melanie Rieders.

On large pieces of paper or foamcore board, people respond to prompting questions about the park and park improvements using round, colored stickers to cast their vote.

Each Voting Board has a question and four to six answer squares. With limited choices and ease of participation, this tool encourages both frequent and occasional park users to contribute.

To determine the most popular responses, simply count the number of stickers in each square.

Steps Involved





A how-to sheet to create your own!

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More Reasons We Like This Tool

Puts Issues into Focus

  • Helps community members prioritize goals and decide among options when not all are possible.

Easy to Do

  • Great for people who are in a hurry but still want to contribute feedback.


  • Use on different days to get input from different park users. Create more boards if there’s strong response.


  • Gives community members, elected officials, and park representatives a strong, visual picture of what your community wants.


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