Walking Tour

Walking Tours ask people to notice aspects of the park they normally overlook, then share ideas about how those places could be improved.

During a Walking Tour, participants look at a space with a designer's eye, taking in sights, sounds, and natural and man-made features that impact how the park feels.

Walking Tours can be done as self-guided experiences or facilitated by a group member.

Steps Involved





A how-to sheet to create your own!

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More Reasons We Like This Tool


  • Lets people learn about the park and share ideas and insights about it at the same time.


  • Suitable for one or two people to do on their own or for a small group as an interactive experience.
  • Self-guided tours allow people to participate when it’s best for them.


  • Can be used many times - and as part of different events - to gather more input over a longer period.


  • Provides park users with a deeper appreciation of the park through the experience of being careful observers and explorers.


See a sample Walking Tour from the Allen and Pike Malls.


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