Wish Objects

People write, draw, or place colored stickers on paper shapes (such as trees, fish, flowers, or lanterns) to share their hopes for the park's future.

Wish Objects capture the unique character of the park and neighborhood and give people a strong visual example of the park's future possibilities.

Wish Objects are also easy to do, make for a fun way to quantify data, and attract participants from ages five to 70.

Steps Involved





A how-to sheet to create your own!

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More Reasons We Like This Tool

Crafty and Artistic

  • Perfect for kids who like to draw and decorate and adults who want to tap into their creative sides.


  • Colorful shapes make a great display at community centers, schools, and at future park events to attract interest in the project.

Great Conversation Starter

  • Bright and eye-catching, Wish Objects help engage passersby and encourage them to participate in the visioning process.


  • Created with the park's character in mind, Wish Objects can resemble everything from fish (waterfront parks) to flowers (parks with a gardening focus).
  • Choosing a shape unique to the park can inspire people's imaginations.


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