Story Map

Discover people’s connection to the park with words, drawings, and stickers placed on a map.

Park Stories

Gather oral histories to capture what makes the park special.

Voting Boards

Rank people’s top priorities for the park’s redesign.

Design Darts

Find out which features in the park are popular and which need to change.

Scavenger Hunt

Show kids the park’s hidden treasures to encourage park appreciation and feedback.

Model Making

Envision what the park could look like with an architecture-themed activity.

Walking Tour

Teach people about the park through an interactive, guided experience.

Wish Objects

Invite people to express their vision for the park on paper objects cut into playful shapes.

Design Hoops

Use a basketball-style game to discover what kids and teens want to change in the park.


Learn what people want for the park through brief, one-on-one interviews.